We’re excited to announce that Timeless has raised an angel round from some of the most reputable angels in the crypto space. The angel round enables us to further our mission of building open and permissionless infrastructure in the DeFi space, by funding our growth and bringing value-add angels onboard.

The Timeless team has carefully selected angels who are deeply knowledgable in DeFi and are here for the long term. Our list of angels includes (but is not limited to):

  • 0xMaki, bizdev extraordinaire and sushi lover
  • Daryl Lau, veteran degen and chronic shitposter
  • PEPO, DeFi researcher and proud blitmap holder
  • IT DAO, shadowy collective of builders and researchers
  • Fisher8, a hedgehog and a doggo who can trade crypto better than Jesus himself
  • Scott Sunarto, crypto gaming builder, prev. Dark Forest, Uniswap

Raising the angel round is only one of the first steps of the Timeless journey.

  • We have successfully launched the Timeless protocol, which is a breakthrough innovation in yield boosting, yield speculation, and yield hedging. We’re creating a liquid market for yield, which hasn’t existed before Timeless.
  • We have also built Yield Daddy, an open-source suite of ERC-4626 wrappers that enable protocols supporting ERC-4626 to connect to yield sources like Aave, Compound, Lido, and Euler.
  • We’re in the process of building even more open-source DeFi infrastructure, such as Bunni, a new way to provide & incentivize liquidity on Uniswap v3.

The future is Timeless. Let’s go build some cool shit.