Timeless is a yield tokenization protocol that offers Perpetual Yield Tokens (PYTs), which give their holders a perpetual right to claim the yield generated by the underlying principal. Timeless also offers Negative Yield Tokens (NYTs), a protocol-native way to short yield rates.


No expiry dates

Unlike existing yield tokens offered by Element/Pendle/APWine, Timeless PYTs and NYTs are perpetual ERC20 tokens that never expire. This makes them far easier to buy, hold, & use, far easier for other protocols to integrate, and far easier to provide deep liquidity for.

Long & short yield rates

Buy PYTs to long yield rates. Buy NYTs to short yield rates. Simple.

Earn yield with leverage

Instead of directly depositing your funds into protocols like Yearn, use them to buy PYTs to leverage up on the amount of principal you’re earning yield on. You do get exposed to the price fluctuations of PYTs, but that’s a reasonable price to pay.

Hedge your lending/borrowing position

If you’re lending funds to lending protocols like Aave, buy some NYTs to hedge against a drop in lending rates, since NYTs appreciate in price when the rates go down.

If you’re borrowing instead, buy some PYTs to hedge against an increase in borrowing rates, since PYTs appreciate in price when the rates go up.

Enjoy deep liquidity

Timeless offers an innovative automated market maker (AMM) that is optimized for trading PYTs and NYTs. It enables deep liquidity for both PYTs and NYTs, allows liquidity providers to keep earning yield from the PYTs in their positions, and minimizes losses caused by arbitrage for liquidity providers.

When launch?


Reach out to us

If you find Timeless interesting and want to use it for your DeFi protocol or DAO, feel free to reach out to us by messaging @Timeless_Fi on Twitter.