Today, Timeless launches on Ethereum Mainnet.

Timeless enables you to boost your yield from any supported farm, speculate on yield rates, and hedge your yield against rate drops. Timeless makes on-chain yield markets not only possible, but highly liquid & scalable. In short, Timeless lets you do more with your yield.

The Launch

The Timeless yield market protocol is now live on Ethereum Mainnet and can be used by anyone. You can try it out by visiting

The first yield market we’re launching is for the Yearn WETH vault. Do note that deploying yield markets is completely permissionless, but for purposes of the launch we’re focusing on a single yield market as the starting point for experimentation.

You can now boost the yield you earn from the Yearn WETH vault by up to 2x multiplier, swap for a portfolio of PYT/NYT to speculate or hedge against yield drops, or provide liquidity for the xPYT-NYT Uniswap pool and earn trading fees in addition to Timeless Test Token, a valueless token used for testing out our liquidity provider incentivization system.

The Vision

The name “Timeless” isn’t just about the fact that Timeless offers yield tokens that never expire. It’s also about what we want to build: permanant infrastructure built on top of eternal blockchains.

This is one of the major differences between web2 and web3: web2 products are usually deprecated in a few years, whereas web3 protocols can literally last as long as humanity itself if you build them right.

The Timeless team is dedicated to building web3 protocols that are decentralized, permissionless, scalable, elegant, and timeless. And as our first step, we’re building infrastructure for yield markets, a field that few have ventured into in the blockchain space.

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